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Desire for the Future - Landkreisbroschüre in Englisch


Dear Citizens and Friends of the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt District,

Jointly, we can work together to positively shape our region. We can achieve this with pride and confidence by focusing on the strengths and characteristics of our home. Too few people know that we have so much more to offer than our wonderful landscape, and beautiful cities and villages. Our firms compete successfully on the world market, thanks to innovative ideas and knowledge based on centuries of experience.

Our cultural identity is characterised through a variety of institutions, in particular, our theatre and orchestra. Our strong economy, cultural diversity, solid social infrastructure and the beauty of our landscape inspire a desire for the future of our region. This brochure is designed to raise awareness of this for you, your families and friends.

Let yourself be carried away by our region.

You are most welcome!


Yours truly,

Marko Wolfram
Chief Executive, Saalfeld-Rudolstadt District

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